Professional Teachers of Dancing 

 The Teacher Friendly Dance Society

Licentiate  (LPTD)


Licentiate membership is awarded on successful completion of the Licentiate Examination. The Minimum  age for entry is 21 years. Members must have passed the Advanced Foundation Examination in the chosen genre and Associate status must be held for a minimum of 2 years.


Associate (APTD)


On successful completion of the Associate Examination in the chosen genre, members are awarded APTD status. The minimum age for entry is 18 years. Candidates must hold the Intermediate certificate in the chosen genre and have at least 1 years teaching experience under supervision.




Any UK teacher who is qualified with a society or organisation recognised by the CDET, may join as an Affiliate Member. International teachers with equivalent qualifications or teaching experience may be considered for this category.


Any teacher who has gained Professional status in Dance and has a minimum of 2 years teaching experience may apply for Affiliate Membership


Any Teacher who has gained a recognised Academic qualification in dance may join as an Affiliate Member.


Student Teacher


This membership is awarded on successful completion of a Student Teaching Examination in any chosen genre. The minimum age for exam entry is 16 years . Candidates must have passed the intermediate exam in that particular genre, and have a minimum  of 6 months teaching experience under supervision with a qualified member of the PTD.



Pre-Registered Teachers

Teachers who have gained their Intermediate Vocational Examination but have not yet qualified with the society may become  Pre-Registered. These teachers may  enter pupils for examinations providing the syllabus work has been studied with a qualified member of the society. Pre-Registered members may only enter students for examination up to Intermediate Level. Pre-Registered members would be expected to take a Student Teacher or Associate qualification within three years of gaining this membership.



 A new category introduced for the convenience of those teachers who have decided to have a break from teaching, but who wish to retain their qualifications.   






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The PTD is a teacher friendly society. We are dedicated to meeting our members needs.


A wide variety of Membership categories are available to accommodate the requirements  of our teachers, students and members worldwide.




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